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National Chain has extensive capability to produce a wide range of styles, weights and finishes that are ideally suited for any of your customers needs. Whether you choose from our full line of extremely lightweight pendant chains or our large selection of box chain National has the right chain at the most attractive price. Our vast experience and state of the art technology allows us to offer you a selection of products that no other chain manufacturer can duplicate.

View our modern 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility which has over 2,000 chain machines capable of meeting any delivery requirement. With the addition of our manufacturing facility in Santo Domingo we are able to perform labor intensive operations at a much lower cost, reducing our overhead and allowing us to provide you with the most competitive pricing.


National Chain Group was the only company selected by the History channel and the Discovery Network for their programs called “Modern Marvels” and “How Its Made”.

Those documentaries are currently being shown worldwide to millions of viewers on a regular basis. The episodes feature extensive filming of our factory and manufacturing operations and show the complete start to finish process of how National makes chain.


When you are looking for a new chain source consider that National is one of the few manufacturers who control every aspect of the chain making process from formulating their own gold or silver from grain to producing the wire needed to make the chain itself. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to maintain a consistent level of quality control in every step of the chain making operation resulting in a product that is of the highest quality and exact fineness of metal.

Whether you are looking for karat gold, gold filled, sterling silver in footage or in finished lengths, National can provide the best selection at the most competitive prices with the ability to deliver on time anywhere in the world.

National Chain Group…A U.S. manufacturer with the experience and dependability you can rely on.
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